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The Vardaman History Project acknowledges and thanks the following for their contributions of information and photographs and for their support.

Thank You!
George Anglin
Joe Van Anglin
Carol Sue Bailey
Hal D. Bennett, Jr.
Joyce Gilder Bradford
Beth Hartley Bush
James Marshall Casey
Melba Casey
Mae Crawford Chandler
James E. Clark
Essie Whitehorn Cochran
Frances Blue Cox
Rose Diamond
Seth Dover
Jeffrey S. Ellis
Joel Embry
Jerrell Fleming
Ray Foshee
Kathryn Ann Christian Gibson
Steve Gillespie
Betty Morgan Gore
H. Wilton Griffin
Norman Wilton Griffin
Barry Hamilton
Julia Hamilton
Beverly Mabry Hannaford
William Harpole
Martha "Mattie" Hodge
Jan Cook Ward Houston
Whitehorn Service Station

Photo by Zilla Spencer

Bob Young House
Mitchell Johnson
Robert Johnson
Sheila Gail Martin Kowall
Rosemary Massey
Mary Jo Moore
Hattie Clark Morgan
Veneal Spratlin Myrick
Leila Murphree Parker
Sharon Lucius Parker
J. R. Penick, Sr.
Frances Simmons
Billy Paul Spencer
Clara Hawkins Spencer
Carl Dewitt Spencer
Linda Blue Spencer
Zilla Morgan Spencer
Peggy Skinner
Charles Graham VanHorn
Dana Warman
Kathryn Crawford Winter
Stephen Winter
Barbara Young Yancy
James Morgan Young
James Richard Young, Jr.
Dr. Joseph Young
Laura LeCornu Young
Monette Morgan Young
Robert Brooks Young
The Vardaman History Project owes a debt of gratitude to Essie Whitehorn Cochran for the many written but unpublished articles that she wrote about early Vardaman as well as the many times she sat down with people who were interested in Vardaman history and told them of her memories. We also are grateful for Francis Blue Cox who collected as much written information, newspaper clippings, etc., as she was able to find as well as sharing her own memories and preserving information that Mrs. Cochran provided.
The following references were also wonderful resources for these web pages of Vardaman area history.

The Way I Heard It - A History of Calhoun County by Ken Nail, June 1975, Calhoun County School District,
Third Printing 1991

Calhoun County Mississippi - A Pictorial History, Calhoun County Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc., 1977,
Rose Publishing Company, Humboldt, TN

The outstanding Calhoun County MSGenweb site created and maintained by Rose Diamond

TICK-A-BEND then TIMBERVILLE then VARDAMAN and East Calhoun County, Mississippi,
Compiled by James Edward Clark, P.O. Box 427, Houston, MS 38851, 2007 Updated 2008 (a fantastic resource!)

The Cherry Hill - Poplar Springs - Reid Community in Calhoun County, Mississippi by Monette Morgan Young, Second Edition, 2000.

Minutes of the Poplar Springs Baptist Church, 1861-1936, transcribed by Miss Imogene Springer.
And those thousands of good people from the greater Vardaman area who have made this a wonderful place to live.

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