Vardaman History Project - Before There Was a Vardaman
The Territory of Mississippi existed from April 7, 1798, until December 10, 1817, when the western part of the territory was admitted to the Union as the state of Mississippi. The area that later became Vardaman was part of the Chickasaw Nation until the provisions of the 1832 Treaty of Pontotoc Creek were met in 1836.

Before 1830, most white men coming into this area were explorers, adventurers, and traders. Around 1830, the typical immigrant was a family man seeking to establish a home. Most were of Anglo-Saxon stock from the eastern seaboard states of VA, the Carolinas, GA, or from the western states of TN and KY.

The Treaty of Pontotoc opened the door to land companies and the formation of Chickasaw County which was created in 1836. The treaty required the federal government to sell the Chickasaw land and then to give the Chickasaws the proceeds from the sale, minus any cost involved in selling it. Land offices were set up to handle the sale and most of the sales for the area that became Vardaman were made at Pontotoc. Some of the land was purchased by individual settlers, but large areas were purchased by land speculators to sell at a profit.

The land that became Vardaman is located in Township 14 South, Range 1 East. The shaded area on the adjacent map shows this area.

After about 1839 settlers began arriving in the areas surrounding the land which would become Vardaman and which now are considered part of "greater" Vardaman. Communities started forming to become Thorn to the northeast; Cherry Hill and Ellzey to the north; Rocky Mount, Reid, and Poplar Springs further north; Loyd to the northwest; New Liberty and Hollis to the west; Benela to the southwest; and Erin and Atlanta to the south. Smaller communities which are now just memories included Center Point, Pine Ridge, Shirley Ridge, and Pumpkin Center.

Twp14SRng1E When Vardaman was incorporated, first as a village and a few months later upgraded to a town, it included some of the land in Sections 2, 3, 10, and 11 of Township 14 South, Range 1 East.

According to Federal Bureau of Land Management records, The original purchasers of land in Sections 2, 3, 10, and 11 were: Wiley Bagwell, Daniel Blue, William Conner, William H. Duke, Uriah McGarity, John A. McNeil, Kenneth McRae, John F. Moore, Simpson Rawls, William A. Sumner, James I. Wilson, and Gregory Wooton. The purchase dates range from 1845 through 1856. This land has most likely been sold and resold many times during the remainder of the 1800s, and those listed above were probably not still the owners at the time Vardaman was formed.

Click, HERE to see a list of all of the people who originally bought the land in this area directly from the federal government.

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