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The Daniel Blue Family

By Jim Young

Many people in Calhoun County, especially those in the Vardaman area, are descended from or are related to the "Bridge" Blue family. The "Bridge" Blue name came from the branch of the Blue family which settled near Blue's Bridge (which was later called Coleman's Bridge and then Graham's Bridge) on Drowning Creek in Moore County, North Carolina, around the year 1803. This branch of the family started with Angus Blue, born in 1733 in Scotland, apparently a native of the Isle of Jura in Argyllshire.

William H. Blue, a Blue family researcher, has compiled a massive listing of Blue family descendants in North America. One of his files is called the "S6" file because the numbering system that he used assigned that number to the Bridge Blue family line. Mr. Blue has has generously agreed to share his S6 file information with us and it is used extensively in this discussion of the Blue family in the Vardaman area. Another valuable source of information on the Blue family in the Vardaman area was the research done by Robert B. Young, the great-great grandson of Daniel Blue, Jr.

Mr. Blue told Jim Young: "You may certainly share my S6 file or refer anyone to my email address. However, one note of caution. Some people feel that information about living persons should not be posted on the Internet. So, we honor those wishes on the National Blue Family Association website by posting only the [earlier] generations". I have followed Mr. Blue's guidance by posting an extract from his S6 file which includes the descendants of Daniel Blue Jr. through only the sixth generation and with the birth dates of those of that generation who may still be living deleted. That abbreviated extract, which contains hundreds of people, is included here. This extract also includes more information about the history of the Blue family. Please contact me at for more information about later generations.

As Robert Young points out, there has been at least one Daniel Blue in every generation of Blues. Given names in the family are used over and over down through the years.

Angus Blue (1733-June 15, 1823) married Flora (1746-March 29, 1827)(we don't know her maiden name.) They came to NC around 1803, and settled near Blue's Bridge on Drowning Creek in Moore Co. Both are buried at the Old Bethesda Presbyterian Cemetery, Aberdeen, Moore County, NC. This Blue family was said to be 'rough' and were sometimes called the 'cussing Blues', to distinguish them from the other Blue families who were all staid Presbyterians. They were considered great moneymakers and keen traders.

Angus and Flora's son Daniel Blue, Sr. (1768-Feb. 24, 1844) married Catherine McLaurin (1765-July 3, 1859). He was born in Scotland. She was a daughter of Hugh McLaurin. Daniel and Catherine lived on Pee Dee Road a short distance from Blue's Bridge, which was later called Coleman's Bridge and then Graham's Bridge. He was a prosperous man and was called 'The Bank' by people around Aberdeen. Daniel and Catherine are buried at Old Bethesda Cemetery, Aberdeen, Moore Co. Blue Monuments

This photo shows (L-R) the monuments of Daniel Sr., Catherine, and Angus Blue in the Old Bethesda Cemetery.

Daniel Sr. and Catherine's children were: John, Christian, Mary, Isabella, Flora, Archibald, Daniel Jr., Sarah, and Malcolm.

Daniel Blue Jr. was born March 10, 1806. He and Mary Graham (born 1 Sep 1806) were married in 1827. Daniel and Mary were both born in North Carolina. In about 1840 they migrated to Mississippi where he purchased 1280 acres of land. Part of the land (160 acres) is listed in the land records as being bought by Daniel Blew. They were living in Chickasaw Co. MS in 1850 and in Calhoun Co. MS in 1860, not necessarily having moved, for Calhoun County was formed partly from Chickasaw County in 1852. Daniel was the first postmaster at Erin which was a community which was south of the Yalobusha River and west of the Midway meeting house.
Daniel Blue, Jr. Daniel Blue, Jr. (Younger)
Daniel and Mary then moved north of the river to the community that became known as Ellzey. Their daughter Sarah ("Sallie") married a neighbor, Thomas W. Young, son of Thomas J. Young (a Methodist "local" preacher), and Daniel gave her the land that she and her husband later donated for Young's Chapel. Mary died on September 22, 1876, and was buried in the private Blue Cemetery in Ellzey. According to the 1880 census, Daniel's granddaughter, Martha Kellum lived with him after Mary died. Daniel died on June 12, 1889, and was buried next to Mary in the Blue Cemetery. A story passed down in the family is that Daniel died one night after eating a large bucket of plums that his grandchildren had gathered that day.

As discussed on the Blue Family Cemetery page, the Blue family cemetery where Daniel, Mary, and several others including Thomas J. Young were buried was destroyed in the mid-1900s by the owner of the property at the time.
Blue Monuments Ellzey

Many years later, fragments of Daniel and Mary's monuments were recovered and have been placed in the Ellzey Cemetery.

The children of Daniel and Mary Blue were:

Ann Melinda Blue, born 1 June 1828, died 16 March 1846. She is buried in the New Providence Cemetery, Calhoun County, MS.

Archibald Blue, born Sept. 22, 1832, died Feb. 2, 1896. He married Margaret Hughes (born about 1836) on March 10, 1856.

Jonathan Graham Blue (1834-1924), married Sarah Ann Clay (born about 1839) in 1856.

Mary Catherine Blue was born on 4 July 1836. She died on 11 Feb 1926 and is buried in the Ellzey Cemetery. She married Holland M. Winter (b. 20 Sept 1835, d. 27 Sept 1891) who is also buried in the Ellzey Cemetery. Winter was the son of John A. Winter and Sarah Therrell.

Sarah "Sallie" Francis Blue (born 20 Oct. 1838, died 23 Aug. 1896), married Thomas W. Young (born 30 May 1838, died 9 May 1911). They were married in her parents' home. Sallie and T.W. are buried in the Ellzey Cemetery. The fragments of the Daniel and Mary Blue monuments were placed between Sallie and T.W.'s monuments.

Daniel M. Blue (born 10 Oct 1841, died 28 Mar 1862). Daniel was critically wounded at the Battle of Shiloh in 1862 and died in the Confederate Hospital at the University of Mississippi and is buried on the Ole Miss campus. He was a Confederate soldier (Calhoun Avengers).

Harriet Blue, born on 25 Jul 1843, died on 14 Sep 1857,and is buried in the New Providence Cemetery.

Malcolm Graham "Make" Blue, born 23 Aug 1849, died 13 Jan 1913, married Sarah Frances Dowdy (b.1851). They are buried in the Ellzey Cemetery.

The Descendants of Daniel Blue, Jr., and Mary Graham Blue

The listing of Daniel and Mary's descendants below is useful for genealogists, but is also important to the history of the Vardaman area. It shows how many people from this area can trace their lineage to the Bridge Blue family line. The extract from the S6 file mentioned earlier includes more descendants of these listed below.

Archibald Blue (1832-1896), married Margaret Hughes. He was born in NC and she in AL. They were living in Calhoun County in the 1860 and 1880 census record. Their children were:

Mary Frances Josephine Blue (born about 1857), married twice: first: unknown, second: Phillip Dye.
Moses Dale Blue, died.
Martha Susan Blue (born about 1866), married S. H. Kellum. Their daughter Martha lived with her grandfather Daniel after her grandmother Mary died.
Caldonia Catherine Blue, died in infancy.
Daniel Webster Blue, died in infancy.
Sarah Belle "Sallie" Blue (born 24 Dec. 1876, died 8 Sept. 1950). She married Joseph Emerson Whitehorn (born 21 Nov 1859, died 31 July 1940).

Jonathan Graham Blue (1834-1924), married Sarah Ann Clay (1839-1924). He was born in NC and she in MS. They were married in Benela, Calhoun County. They were living in Calhoun County in the census records of 1880 and 1900. Jonathan was a member of the Confederate 31st Mississippi H Company, Ellzey, MS and was wounded at the Battle of Peachtree Creek in Atlanta. Both Jonathan and Sarah Ann are buried in the New Liberty Cemetery in Calhoun County. Their children were:

James Marion Blue (Nov. 28, 1857 - Jan. 1, 1937), married twice: first, America Jane Pogue on Nov. 1, 1874, and second: May Cordea.
Mary Catherine Blue (b.ca1859, d. 1919), m. A.C. Walton on Jan. 13, 1876.
Flora Ann Blue, b. Sept. 16,1866 near Vardaman in Calhoun Co., MS, d. April 15, 1939 near Vardaman in Calhoun Co., m. Thomas Calhoun "Cal" Hollis (b. Feb. 11, 1859, d. Nov. 19, 1933) on Nov. 21, 1886 in Atlanta, Calhoun Co., MS. Both are buried New Liberty Cemetery in Calhoun Co., MS.
Jonathan David Blue, b. July 10, 1868 in Calhoun Co., MS, d. April 24, 1960, m. Annie Vanhorn (b.1873) on Dec. 27, 1891.
Robert Lee Blue (b.1870, D. 1951), m. Lee/Louise Ferguson (b.1876, d. 1966).
Martha Virginia "Jennie" Blue (b.1872), m. David Scarbrough.
Sarah Alice Blue (b.1877), m. Berry Frank Hollis.
William Thomas Blue (b.1879), never married.

Mary Catherine Blue, b. 4 July 1836, d. 11 Feb 1926 and buried in Elzey Cem., m. Holland M. Winter, b. 20 Sept 1835, d. 27 Sept 1891 and buried in Elzey Cem in Calhoun Co, MS. Winter was the son of John A .Winter and Sarah Therrell. Mary and Holland were the parents of:

Ann Winter (she must have died young.)
Robert Gabriel (Gabe) Winter, married Virginia Louella Smith and they had at least 5 children.

Sarah "Sallie" Francis Blue (b. 20 Oct. 1838, d. 23 Aug. 1896), m. Thomas W. Young (b. 30 May 1838 in AL, d. 9 May 1911, Vardaman, MS, in the home of son M.F. Young, bur. 11 Mar 1911, Young's Chapel Cemetery, Ellzey, MS. Confederate Veteran) mar. 23 Dec 1862, Ellzey, MS, in the home of Daniel Blue. Husband's other wives: Elizabeth Jackson.

Mary Millie Ann Young, b. 26 Dec 1863, d. 22 Oct 1864
James Monroe Young, b. 2 Nov 1866, d. 27 Nov 1872
Daniel Lee Young, b. 19 Mar 1867, d. 3 May 1914
William Thomas Young, b. 7 Feb 1869, d. 19 Apr 1870
Clara Belle Young, b. 9 Mar 1870, d. 9 Oct 1933, mar. Robert Crawford
Jonathan Graham Young, b. 20 Nov 1871, d. 29 Mar 1873
Millard Fillmore Young, b. 25 Jan 1874, d. 27 Oct 1949, mar. Flora Belle Hollis.
John Ransom "Jake" Young, b. 24 Jan 1876, d. 15 Jul 1916
Robert Gabus "Bob" Young, b. 21 Feb 1881, d. 13 Mar 1957, mar. Sarah Frances Richards. This was a double wedding with Daniel Durrel Blue, Bob's cousin, and Clevie Mae Richards, Sarah Frances Richards' sister. The wedding was held at Young's Chapel in Ellzey.
Edmund Brooks "Ed" Young, b. 8 Mar 1883, d. 13 Mar 1951, 1st mar. Alpha Inez Fly, 2nd m. Quebelle Evans. Dr. "Ed" Young practiced in Vardaman for many years.
When Vardaman was organized, Thomas W. Young and four of his children moved there from Ellzey and built houses: Clara Young Crawford, Millard Fillmore "Fil" Young, Robert Gabus "Bob" Young, and Dr. Edmund Brooks "Ed" Young.

Malcolm & Sarah Malcolm & Sarah Blue House Malcolm Graham "Make" Blue (born 7 August 1849, died 19 Jan. 1913) married Sarah Frances Dowdy (born 20 November 1851, died 14 January 1945). They were both born in MS. Malcolm served in the Confederate Army at a very early age. The 1880 census shows daughters Eula Blue (born about 1875) and Mary Blue (born about 1878) and a son Willie. Thus some of the following children are likely out of order, and missing middle names may account for Eula and Mary.

Malcolm was one of the petitioners for the incorporation of Ellzey as a village. When that was approved, the house of Malcolm and Sarah Blue was designated in the official incorporation papers as the exact center of the village and the village incorporation limits were measured from there.

The children of Malcolm and Sarah Frances Blue were:

Alma Blue, b. 1878, m. Hiller.
Lela Blue, b. 1874, d. 1926, m. John Newton Cook.
Richmond Blue (b.1882).
Docia Blue (b.1886).
Ottie Blue (b.1888).
Lila Blue (uncertain)

Bud Blue Store in Ellzey

DD & Cleve Blue

William Walter "Bud" Blue, b. 1876, d. 1951, 1st m. Mallie Hollis, 2nd m. Effie Mosley. W. W. Blue was another of the petitioners for the incorporation of Ellzey as a village. A picture of his store in Ellzey is shown here.

Daniel Durrel Blue, b. 1880, m. Clevie Mae Richards. Their children were: DD Blue Family

Earl Richard Blue
Rex R. Blue
Sarah Frances Blue
Russell G. Blue
Daniel B. Blue
Horace W. Blue
Walter F. Blue
John D. Blue
Paul R. Blue

Left to Right:

Front: Bill, John D., and Earl
Second: Rex, Russ, Paul, and Gene
Top: Frances
Not shown: Dan

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