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Vardaman Cemetery The first cemetery within the Vardaman town limits was located across the road south of the Levi Ferguson house and west of the hill where the school was located. It soon became apparent, however, that this location was not suitable and plans were made to relocate it.

A new site was obtained a few hundred yards east of the Vardaman-Ellzey road. It was cleared and the bodies in the original cemetery were disinterred and reinterred in the new location.

The area of this town-owned cemetery has been increased over the years and improvements have been regularly made.

Although "Vardaman Cemetery" is shown on the relatively new ornamental brick entrance, the name of the cemetery has been shown as Hillcrest Cemetery in many of the obituaries of people buried there for many decades.

Other Greater Vardaman Cemeteries

Many of the original settlers of Vardaman were buried in other cemeteries. Many of those who moved "down" from Ellzey are buried in the Ellzey Cemetery and many who came "up" from south of the Yalobusha River are buried in the Midway Baptist Church Cemetery, however, the greater Vardaman area includes several other cemeteries with Vardaman connections: Poplar Springs Baptist Church, Rocky Mount Baptist Church, Mount Herman Primitive Baptist Church, New Liberty Baptist Church, Loyd, and Atlanta, among others.

Links to Listings of Graves

The two links below are to listings of graves in the Hillcrest (Vardaman) Cemetery. The 2004 compilation includes both an alphabetized listing as well as a listing by position. It also includes all of the information that is on the monument. The Find-A-Grave listing contains more recent burials and includes photographs of some of the monuments, but generally only includes the name and dates.

Listing of the Graves in the Hillcrest (Vardaman) Cemetery
Compiled November 2004

Find-A-Grave Listing for Hillcrest Cemetery

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