Vardaman History Project - Families
Families of the Vardaman area include those listed below as well as many, many others.
The names listed here are suggestions to get us started. I don't have the knowledge to complete
all of these pages and I hope that you can help on this project. There are a few examples here
of the sort of information that I think would be appropriate in this section.
Additional family histories/stories are welcome and will be considered for inclusion here,
but the VHP reserves the right to edit them if required.
Please email your inputs to or

▪ Daniel Blue Jr.
▪ The Hardins of Reid
▪ The Inmons *
▪ The Morgans of Midway *
▪ The Morgans of Reid
▪ James Sebron Mosley
▪ Herbert E. Penick
▪ The Richards *
▪ Thomas Dewitt Spencer
▪ William P. Van Horn *
▪ The Youngs of Ellzey & Vardaman
▪ Others *

     * To be added

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