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Photo: Doodlebug on the Okolona-Houston-Calhoun City Railroad


Doodlebug on OH&CC Railroad Many of you have already helped by posting pictures, other images, and information on the VHP group site on FaceBook and by loaning us material to be scanned for this project. We hope that others of you with similar photographs and information will continue by posting on the FaceBook group site or by contacting anyone on the VHP team to help add your material to the VHP data base.

Tell your relatives and friends with Vardaman connections about this site and the FaceBook group and encourage them to share any information and photographs that they have.

For more information or to suggest improvements and additions to the VHP, please contact Dewitt and Zilla Spencer (662 682-7732) at; or James Young (850 862-8642) at

We welcome your feedback concerning this website. Please let me know of any missing links or other problems. Please call (850 862-8642) or send an email to

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