Vardaman History Project - The James Sebron Mosley Family

The James Sebron Mosley Family

Based on research by Laura Nell LeCornu Young

   A. Generations One, Two, and Three

      1. Sarah Ann Mosley
      2. Jesse Thomas Moseley
      3. Rufus Morgan Mosley
      4. Joseph Wilson Mosley
      5. Lucy I. Mosley
      6. William Edward Mosley
      7. Mittie Ann Mosley
      8. Martha Elizabeth Mosley
      9. Rebecca E. Mary Mosley

   B. Generations Four & Five

Another ancestor in the lineage of many people in Calhoun County, especially those in the Vardaman area, is James Sebron Mosley. Laura Nell LeCornu Young, a Mosley family researcher and his great-great granddaughter, has compiled an excellent genealogical study of this branch of the Mosley family and has given permission to use that information here.

James Sebron Mosley was born 11 Dec 1827 in Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee. He was the son of Jesse Thomas and Barbara Hay Mosley, the grandson of Frederick Mosley, and the great grandson of George Mosley. In 1848 he moved to Chickasaw County, MS. The 1850 U.S. Census lists him as being 23 years old and living with the Thomas J. Young family. His occupation was listed as farmer. Another member of the Young household at that time was Mary Louise Young, the daughter of Thomas J. Young and Mary Winn Young. She was born 25 April 1836 in Alabama. James Sebron and Mary were married in 1850. According to a later newspaper article, he joined the M.E. Church, South, at this time. His father-in-law was a local Methodist minister.

The 1860 Census indicates that he and his young family were living near the Thomas J. Young family. At the time of the census, his household included: James S. Mosley (age 33, farmer), Mary Mosley (25), Sarah (8), Thomas (6), Joseph (5), and Rufus (3). William Davis (age 11) and Thomas W. Young (22, farm laborer) were also shown as being in the household.

Civil War Service Records show that James Sebron served in the Confederate Army for three years and received three wounds in battle. James Sebron Mosley He was mustered as a Private in the the 29th MS Regiment, Capt. James M. Hampton's Co. MS Volunteers by Col. J. A. Orr at Pittsboro on March 6, 1862. This company subsequently became Company F, 29th Regiment MS Infantry. On the Company Muster Roll for June 30, 1862 he is listed as having been sent to an interior hospital May 2. He was promoted to Corporal sometime in Sept/Oct 1862. He appears on a report of casualties in Walthall's Brigade, during the operations before Murfressboro, Tenn., Dec. 28, 1862 to Jan 4, 1863 as having been wounded in the arm on Dec. 31, 1862 in a corn field. On the Company Muster Roll for Jan & Feb. 1864 it is listed that he had compensation due from Oct. 8, 1862 to Oct 8, 1863 of $134.13 but only $51.38 had been drawn, leaving the balance due to him.

After the war, he returned home to, as his obituary stated, "make as good as he had been a soldier". He was licensed to preach at Old Mt. Zion Church, in the bounds of what was then called the Calhoun Circuit, in the year 1869, was ordained deacon by Bishop Kavanaugh at Water Valley, Dec. 7, 1878, and served as a local preacher. According to one of his obituaries, "Brother Moseley continued to exercise his gifts and graces as a local deacon until disabled by long trouble with which he wrestled for four years, and which finally caused his death. He died as he lived, expressing his willingness to depart."

Rev. James Sebron Mosley died 27 Apr 1890 and Mary Louise died 18 Feb 1892, both were buried in the Midway Baptist Church Cemetery.

The Descendants of James Sebron Mosley
and Mary Louise Young Mosley

Generations One, Two, and Three

The children of James S. Mosley and Mary Young Mosley were Sarah Ann "Tanny" Mosley, Jesse Thomas Moseley, Rufus Morgan "Ruf" Mosley, Joseph Wilson "Joe" Mosley, Lucy Mosley, William Edward Mosley, Mittie Ann "Mitt" Mosley, Martha Elizabeth "Nin" Mosley, and Rebecca E Mary "Becky" Mosley.

The following is a very condensed summary of the descendants of James S. and Mary Louise Mosley. For more complete information, please refer to the comprehensive research documented in
James Sebron Mosley by Laura Young.

Sarah Ann "Tanny" Mosley was born 09 Sep 1852 in Webster County, MS, and died 06 Jul 1926 in Tallahatchie County MS. She married Davis Polk Langston 15 Nov 1891 in Webster County, MS. He was the son of William Langston and Elizabeth Walker. He was born 06 Dec 1844 in Calhoun County, MS. He died 04 Mar 1920 in Calhoun County, MS, and is buried in New Liberty Cemetery.

Sarah filed for, and was approved for, a widow's pension for Davis Polk Langston's service in the CSA. He served as a Private in Company E, 1st MS Calvary Regiment (Polk Rangers). Company Muster Roll shows he was enlisted in the 1 Reg't MS Cavalry 1 Feb 1863 in Okolona, Miss. by Capt. Wheeler He was captured and was a POW in the Civil War. Roll of Prisoners of War of Co., E, First Regiment Miss. Cavalry, CSA, commanded by Col. R. A. Painson, surrendered at Citronelle, Ala., by Lieut. Gen. R. Taylor, CSA to Maj. Gen. E. R. S. Canby, USA May 4, 1865 and paroled at Columbus, MIss. May 18, 1865. Roll dated Columbus, Miss. May 18, 1865.
The children of Sarah Mosley and Davis Langston were: (1) Mary Ann (Anne)Langston, born 13 Aug 1892 in Webster County, MS; (2) James Walter Langston, born 09 Mar 1893 in Calhoun County, MS; died 02 Jul 1912 in Calhoun County, MS.

Mosley Name

Jesse Thomas (Tom) Moseley was born 24 Apr 1855 in Calhoun County, MS, and died 13 Apr 1931 in Calhoun County, MS. He married (1) Amanda Rebecca Eaton 26 Apr 1878. She was born 16 Jan 1860 in Chickasaw County, MS, and died 06 Aug 1879. He married (2) Zilla Angeline Weatherbee 24 Dec 1885, daughter of John Weatherbee and Angeline ?. She was born 04 Sep 1860 in Calhoun County, MS, and died 30 Jan 1913 in Shelby County, Tennessee. He married (3) Clara Grace Barton Hardin 11 Nov 1919 in Calhoun County, MS. She was born 08 Nov 1877 in Calhoun County, MS, and died 15 Nov 1945 in Calhoun County, MS.

The child of Jesse Moseley and Amanda Eaton was:

James Asberry Moseley, born 28 Jul 1879 in Chickasaw County, MS; died 22 Sep 1955 in Calhoun County, MS. .

Children of Jesse Moseley and Zilla Weatherbee were:

Mattie Lou "Loda" Moseley, born 09 Nov 1886 in Chickasaw County, MS; died 26 Jul 1977 in Sunflower County, MS. She married Walter Owens 27 Mar 1934 in Davidson County, Tennessee; born 30 Sep 1888 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky; died 05 Nov 1965 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky.

Clifford Rema Moseley, born 03 Feb 1888 in Calhoun County, MS; died 02 Oct 1972 in Shelby County, Tennessee. He married Ann Byrum 25 May 1932 in Shelby County Tennessee. She was born in 1885 in Jackson County, TN; died Nov 1952 in Shelby County, TN.

Macon Alfred Moseley, born 13 Mar 1889 in Calhoun County, MS; died 21 Jan 1943 in Calhoun County, MS. He married Nancy Louise Cannon. She was born 09 Feb 1891 in Calhoun County, MS, and died 16 Mar 1972 in Chickasaw County, MS. They are both buried in the Hillcrest Cemetery (Vardaman). Their children were: (1) Nancy Lorette Moseley, born 28 May 1912 in Calhoun County, MS. She married Robert Earl Williams; (2) Zilla Erleene Moseley, born 07 Jun 1916 in Calhoun County, MS. She married Verna Williams; (3) Frances Louise Moseley, born 27 Sep 1919; died 30 Oct 1961 in Calhoun County, MS. She married Robert Earl Gilder, Jr.

Sedell Weatherbee Moseley, born 15 Feb 1891 in Calhoun County, MS; died 13 Dec 1935 in Jefferson County, AL. He married Ethel Dezeree Sturdivant. Their children were: (1) Marvin Thurman Moseley, born 09 Nov 1911 in Chickasaw County, MS; (2) Zilla Belle Moseley, born 07 Apr 1913 in Chickasaw County, MS; (3) Louia Lomax Moseley, born 08 Aug 1915 in Chickasaw County, MS; (4) Mary Ethel Moseley, born 27 Aug 1920.

Howard Norman Moseley, born 20 Jul 1897 in Calhoun County, MS; died 06 Aug 1963 in Calhoun County, MS. He married Ora Dorcas Flaherty 11 Nov 1918 in Chickasaw County, MS,. She was the daughter of James Flaherty and Sara Stevenson. She was born 20 Nov 1897 in Chickasaw County, MS, and died 04 Jan 1977 in Grenada County, MS. Both are buried in the Midway Cemetery. Their children were: (1) Sarah Frances Moseley, born 23 Dec 1919 in Chickasaw County, MS; (2) Howard Norman "H.N." Moseley, Jr., born 20 Oct 1921 in Chickasaw County, MS; died 15 Jan 1997 in Baytown, Harris County, TX.

Children of Jesse Moseley and Clara Hardin are:

Clara Mae Moseley, born 07 Nov 1921 in Chickasaw County, MS. She married Versie Ramage. Their children were: (1) Gloria Ray Ramage who married Dock Gabbert; (2) Judy Annette Ramage who married Barry Tedford.

Jesse Thomas Moseley, Jr., born 1923; died 1923.

Ruf Mosley Store Rufus Morgan "Ruf" Mosley was born 25 Nov 1857 in Calhoun County, MS, and died 17 Apr 1939 in Calhoun County, MS. He married Gillie Ann Neel 09 Jan 1879 in Calhoun County, MS. She was the daughter of James Neel and Letisha Grice. She was born 04 Aug 1858 in Calhoun County, MS, and died 18 Mar 1927 in Calhoun County, MS. Rufus and Gillie are buried in the Hillcrest Cemetery (Vardaman)

Rufus was the proprietor of one of the first General Stores in Vardaman, MS. A family story told about Rufus Mosley by his grandson Charlie LeCornu, concerned Rufus' dealings with customers in the store. He treated everyone with respect. When he died, his coffin, as was the custom at the time, was placed in the Mosley home in Vardaman where the family received friends who came to pay their respects. Some of the family members heard a knock on the door and when they looked outside, they saw a group of black people standing there. One of them asked if they could sing a song and maybe come in to pay their respects to Mr. Ruf, as he was known. The family told them they were welcome to do so. They sang a song outside the house and then lined up to go inside to view the body. They wanted to pay their respects to the man who had respected them and treated them fairly. The attitude of treating everyone with respect was taught to Charlie and he in turn taught it to his children.

The children of Rufus Mosley and Gillie Neel were:

Sallie Bell Mosley, born 19 Oct 1879 in Calhoun County, MS; died 10 Aug 1907 in Calhoun County, MS. She married Albert H. Gilder and their children were: (1) Rufus Rivers Gilder; (2) Clinton H. Gilder; (3) Rena V. Gilder; (4) Edman H. Gilder.

Effie Rena Mosley, born 31 Jan 1881 in Calhoun County, MS; died 04 Dec 1950 in Calhoun County, MS. She married Willie Walter "Bud" Blue 28 Feb 1918. After the death of Effie and until his death in March, 1951, Bud continued to live in the family home. There was some question concerning Effie's will and how the property was to be distributed after Bud's death. Records show that Mary Mosley LeCornu sued Travis Blue, Bud's son, for the house and contents and won in court. Most of the contents (pictures, family Bible, etc.) were returned to Mary.

Willie MosleyWillie Ann Mosley, born 11 Nov 1884 in Calhoun County, MS; died 09 Oct 1942 in Calhoun County, MS. Willie was engaged to be married to David M. Smith from Houston, MS. He was a Sgt in World War I and was killed on 8 Aug 1918. He is buried in Concord Cemetery near Houston. Willie never married and lived with her parents. George and Mary LeCornuAfter the death of Effie and Bud Blue, Willie's engagement ring was part of the property kept by Travis Blue and later returned to Mary Lou Mosley LeCornu. Upon the graduation from Vardaman High School by Laura Nell LeCornu (Mary's granddaughter), the ring (in the original box) was given to her as a graduation present.

Mary Lou Mosley, born 13 Feb 1890 in Calhoun County, MS; died 26 Sep 1969 in Calhoun County MS. She married George Edward LeCornu 13 Nov 1907 in Calhoun County MS. He was born 10 Nov 1885 in Obion County TN, and died 16 Aug 1968 in Vardaman MS. She loved her flowers and her garden and was very good at crocheting. George was listed as a farmer in the 1920 census and the family lived south of Vardaman on a farm located on the Chickasaw/Calhoun County line in the Midway community. In the 1930 census he is listed as a lumberman, owning a sawmill. He then became a merchant, becoming the owner of the General Store started by his father. George served as Mayor of the Town of Vardaman from 1943 through 1946. Mary and George had six sons: (1) Charles Edward "Charlie" LeCornu, born 01 Jun 1909 in Vardaman MS; died 02 Aug 1993 in Tupelo MS; (2) William Herbert LeCornu, born 19 Apr 1912 in Calhoun County, MS; died 06 Apr 1993 in Baldwin Park, CA; (3) Rufus Morgan LeCornu, born 24 Jan 1914 in Calhoun County, MS; died 29 Sep 1977 in Vardaman, MS. (4) John Ammer "Alec" LeCornu, born 03 Apr 1915 in Calhoun County, MS; died 16 Jul 1962 in Vardaman, MS; (5) George Edmond "Ed" LeCornu, born 24 Oct 1923 in Calhoun County, MS; died 04 Sep 1962 in Tijuana Mexico; (6) James Ray LeCornu, born 26 Apr 1930 in Calhoun County, MS; died 08 Mar 2002 in Harrison County, MS.

Joseph Wilson "Joe" Mosley was born 31 Mar 1860 in in MS, and died 03 Jun 1914. He married Allie (?). She was born about 1860 in AL. The children of Joseph Mosley and Allie (?) are: (1) Mary L. Mosley, born Sep 1895 in TX; (2) Joe Brown Mosley, born 16 Jul 1896 in Texas; died Jun 1974; (3) Bertha M Mosley, born May 1898 in Texas.

Lucy I. Mosley, 1862-1883

William Edward Moseley William Edward Moseley was born 01 Aug 1864 in MS and died in 1940. He married Amanda M Grissom about 1889. She was born Apr 1873 in MS. According to a letter written to Johnnie VanHorn by Joseph C. Moseley, William and his family moved to a farm near Dallas, TX in 1896. The children of William Moseley and Amanda Grissom are: (1) Joseph Ceborn "Cephus" Mosley, born 07 Apr 1890 in MS; died 11 Sep 1975 in Pampa, Gray County TX. (2) Thomas Ebron Mosley, born 13 Jun 1892 in Jackson, MS; died Feb 1973 in Magnum, Greer County, Oklahoma. (3) Mary Mosley, born 06 Jan 1894 in MS; died 18 Aug 1969 in Bakersfield CA. (4) Mattie Mosley, born 23 Nov 1895 in MS; died 31 Dec 1986 in Bakersfield, Kern, CA. She married Lev Canipe; born about 1895 in Chickasaw County, MS. (5) Lucy Mosley, born 21 Apr 1898 in TX; died 02 Jun 1976 in Bakersfield, Kern, CA. (6) William Edward Mosley, born 29 Mar 1900 in TX; died Nov 1955. He married Beatrice E. Garrett 05 Sep 1925 in Greer County OK; (7) Walter Hubert Mosley, born 19 Jun 1902 in TX; died 12 Nov 1998 in Desoto, Dallas County, TX. He married Cara Alice Hall 05 Sep 1925 in Greer County OK. (8) Rebecca Mosley, born 1906 in OK. (9) Pansy Mosley, born 1913 in OK.

Mittie Ann "Mitt" Mosley was born 01 Jun 1866 in MS, and died 02 Dec 1949. She married Hillery Crouch. The children of Mittie Mosley and Hillery Crouch are: (1) Monroe Crouch: (2) Virgil Crouch; (3) Spurgeon Crouch; (4) Nannie Lou Crouch.

Martha Elizabeth "Nin" Mosley was born 06 Sep 1869 in Chickasaw County, MS, and died 30 Mar 1916 in Calhoun County, MS. She married William Pinkney VanHorn 15 Jan 1901. He was born 08 Jan 1843 in Yalobusha County, MS, and died 29 Jun 1928 in Calhoun County, MS. The children of Martha Mosley and William VanHorn are: (1) Johnnie Rufus VanHorn, born 07 Dec 1903 in Calhoun County, MS; died 15 Nov 1967 in Hinds County, MS; (2) Sarah Lucille VanHorn, born 12 May 1905 in Calhoun County, MS. She married E.J. Green; (3) William H VanHorn, born 26 Oct 1906 in Calhoun County, MS; died 08 Apr 1956.

Rebecca E Mary "Becky" Mosley was born 06 Jun 1872 in Calhoun County, MS, and died Sep 1899. She married John Henry Hawkins about 1893 in Chickasaw County MS. He was the son of Robert Hawkins and Caroline Deason. He was born Oct 1871 in MS, and died in Tallahatchie County MS. The children of Rebecca Mosley and John Hawkins are: (1) Lillie Mae "Maggie"Hawkins, born 29 Dec 1894 in Calhoun County, MS; died 02 Aug 1995 in Aberdeen, Monroe County, MS; (2) Oliver Moseley Hawkins, born 03 Oct 1897 in Calhoun County, MS; died 25 Aug 1921 in Calhoun County, MS. (3) Thomas Hollie Hawkins, died at age 3.

Generations Four and Five

Descendants of James Sebron Mosley and Mary Louise Young Mosley have continued to contribute significantly to the Vardaman area throughout the years. The first three generations of the descendants are summarized above. Like most large families, later generations of this Mosley family have tended to spread out beyond the area where they were born. The family names linked to the Mosleys continue to increase as daughters and sons marry and move on.

The following listings contain just some of the descendants of James Sebron Mosley who have Vardaman ties and are provided here to give an indication of how many current families can trace their lineage back to this Vardaman pioneer.

The fourth generation includes descendants whose names are familiar in the Vardaman area:

Nancy Lorette Moseley, married Robert Earl Williams
Frances Louise Moseley, married R.E. Gilder, Jr.
Gloria Ray Ramage, married Dock Gabbert
Rufus Rivers Gilder, Married Birdie Wilker Inman
Charles LeCornu, married Janie Weber
Charles Graham VanHorn, married (1) Mary Roberts, (2) Lanelle Whittle
John Leigh VanHorn, married Margaret Miller
Clara Mae Hawkins, married William Edgar "Bill" Spencer

The fifth generation includes more descendants whose names are familiar in Vardaman:

Nancy Louise Williams, married Rodney Zane Gillespie
Janice Faye Williams, married John Steve Alexander
Robert Gatlin "Bob" Gilder, married Barbara Gibson
Earl Moseley Gilder, married Opal Currie
Jeffery Macon Gilder, married Prudy Denton
Clifton Mosley LeCornu, married (1) Martha Daniel, (2) Nancy Glass
Laura Nell LeCornu, married Paul Young
Glenda Faye Spencer, married Thomas Scarbrough
Billy Paul Spencer, married Linda Kay Blue
Rufus Rivers Gilder, Jr., married Naomi Spratlin
Zilla Alma Gilder, married Dr. Joseph S. Edmondson
Alfred Gene Gilder, married Virginia Harrington
William Jasper Gilder, married Ethel Lowe
Thomas Earl Gilder, married Willie Edmondson
Sara Belle Gilder, married Joe Moore Edmondson
Bessie Ruth Gilder, married Van Buren Fleming

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