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People of Vardaman:
Many are Gone But None Are Forgotten

In the obituaries included here, the spelling of some of the surnames is not consistent: Inmon and Inman, Richard and Richards, Moseley and Mosley, Winter and Winters, Vanhorn and Van Horn and VanHorn are examples. This may be due to the preference of different members of the same family or by the way that the obituary writers thought the spelling should be.

For decades the obituaries in the Monitor-Herald, the Calhoun County Journal, and other area newspapers have noted the passing of the folks who called Vardaman home.

Mrs. Essie Whitehorn Cochran, Mrs. Martha Mary Gordon Hodge, and Mrs. Mae Crawford Chandler collected clippings of many of these obituaries. Laura Nell LeCornu Young transcribed a large number of them from local newspapers, too, and donated them to the Calhoun County Rootsweb site.

The information in this section has been taken from those clippings and transcriptions and from others shared by several people. Thanks to the Dr. J.S. Edmondson Memorial Library for loaning us the Cochran and Hodge scrapbooks, and to Betty Nichols and Shirley Morgan for the Chandler clippings (which were scanned by Dewitt Spencer).

Special thanks to Laura LeCornu Young for many of these obituary transcriptions and especially for Page 11 which she transcribed from the Clarion-Ledger.

These obituaries are not in any specific order but some attempt is made to group names in families. This is very hard to do in the case of Vardaman residents because, as is often said, "Everyone is kin to everyone."

The obituary is a form of literature which has changed over time, even during the period covered by this assembly of them. The earlier ones here are generally longer and include more kind words and tributes to the deceased, especially those written by Stanley Murphree the editor of the Monitor-Herald. Reverend Leslie Roane, in the 1930s and 1940s, was the master of the flowery tribute style of obituary (see the obituary tribute he wrote for
Tina Hardin Murphree (Mrs. J.D. Murphree). Most recent obituaries are written by funeral home personnel and follow a simplified template which sometimes omits traditional information such as date and place of birth and parents names.

This is a work in progress and more obituaries
will be added as time permits.

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Page 1

▪ Joseph Boyd Adams
▪ Randy Wiseman Adams
▪ Bedford Forrest Spratlin
▪ Pearl Hollingsworth Spratlin
▪ Claude E. Spratlin
▪ Sophia Viola Dye Spratlin
▪ Paul Flemming Martin
▪ Noah Elbert Jenkins
▪ Louella Vanlandingham Jenkins
▪ William T. Jenkins
▪ J. D. Marshall
▪ Curtis L. Naron
▪ Ada Lee Streeter Naron
The Whitehorn Family:
    ▪ Sarah Belle Whitehorn
    ▪ Lillie Whitehorn
    ▪ Sara Lucille Whitehorn
    ▪ Henry Kelly Whitehorn
    ▪ Joseph Blue Whitehorn
    ▪ Essie Whitehorn Cochran
    ▪ Minnie Whitehorn Gable
    ▪ Margaret Whitehorn Ward
▪ Andrew Ward
▪ James Ward
▪ Milburn Cochran
▪ Earle Gable
▪ Malcolm P. Freely

Page 2

▪ Gertrude Gilder
▪ Grace Roberta Gilder
▪ Senator Robert Earl Gilder, Jr.
▪ Frances Moseley Gilder
▪ Gatlin G. Gilder, Sr.
▪ Earl Moseley Gilder
▪ James Ernest Roberts
▪ Roy Mitchell
▪ William Isom Anglin
▪ Grace Ferguson Penick
▪ Alice Myrtice Dye Robertson Young
▪ Charley Henry Robertson
▪ Idell Dye Vanlandingham
▪ Leo Vanlandingham
▪ Eunice Cochran Dye
▪ Lee Bernell Dye
▪ Thedie Higginbotham Dye
▪ James Edd Dye
▪ Eddie Brooks Dye
▪ Shelby Turner Dye
▪ Tommie Lee Dye, Sr.
▪ Zelda Allen Dye
▪ Tommie Lee Dye, Jr.
▪ John Henry Dye
▪ Louis Fondren Dye
▪ Margaret Louise Penick Alford
▪ Mary Nell Hunt Gilder

Page 3

▪ Carl Dewitt Spencer
▪ Thomas Dewitt Spencer
▪ Ethel Cox Spencer
▪ Thomas Charles Spencer
▪ Ludie Annis Spencer
▪ Paul Lee Spencer
▪ Mildred Spencer Reed
▪ Edith Spencer Harrell Farmer
▪ Beatrice Johnson Chandler
▪ Wilie Edgar "Bill" Spencer
▪ Clara Mae Hawkins Spencer
▪ Raymond Dewitt Spencer
▪ Lorene Fleming Spencer
▪ Lillian Neal Spencer
▪ Jonathan David Blue
▪ Monette Hannaford Walls
▪ Jett McKinney
▪ Porter C. Maddox
▪ Martha Alexander Maddox
▪ Aleen Hicks Kimbrough
▪ John T. Skinner
▪ Ruby Everett Skinner
▪ Pauline Pettit Skinner

Page 4

▪ Robert G. Young
▪ Thomas W. Young
▪ Monette Morgan Young
▪ Senator Barbara Frances Young Yancy
▪ Diana Young
▪ Dr. Edmond Brooks Young
▪ Millard Fillmore Young
▪ Flora Belle Hollis Young
▪ Una Greenslade Richards
▪ John Frank Richard
▪ Fort Nelson Ramsey
▪ Johnny Rufus Vanhorn
▪ Sadie Lee Clark Vanhorn
▪ Charles Graham Van Horn
▪ Sarah Lucille Van Horn Green
▪ Felix Carlile Vanhorn
▪ Vivian Vanhorn Perkins
▪ Eula Barbara Murphree Morgan
▪ Gillia Hazeltine "Tina" Hardin Murphree
▪ Albert Hosea Morgan
▪ Alsie Morgan
▪ Theda Morgan Mott
▪ Reuben Reece Morgan
▪ Clara Christian
▪ Sally Ann Christian
▪ Thomas Glen Scarbrough
▪ William Orland Scarbrough
▪ James Herman Scarbrough
▪ W. D. Scarbrough
▪ Curtis Bryan Scarbrough
▪ Georgia Morgan Lester

Page 5

▪ Dr. Joseph Sherman Edmondson
▪ Alma Gilder Edmondson
▪ Joseph David Edmondson
▪ Reuben Edmondson
▪ Wilker Inmon Gilder
▪ Rufus Rivers Gilder, Jr.
▪ Naomi Spratlin Gilder
▪ Alfred Gene Gilder
▪ Virginia Doris Harrington Gilder
▪ James Alfred Waits
▪ Baylous Priest Ashby
▪ Tommie Crawford
▪ Durell Chandler
▪ Mae Crawford Chandler
▪ Carroll Ray Morgan
▪ Lemuel Marion Martin
▪ Vera Griffin Martin
▪ John Vester Martin
▪ Leona Rhodes Martin
▪ Cordie Griffin Martin
▪ James Clinton Lester
▪ W. W. "Bud" Blue
▪ Virgie Naron
▪ James Paul Gregg
▪ William Thomas "Tom" Blue

Page 6

▪ R.M. Mosley
▪ Willie Ann Mosley
▪ Macon Moseley
▪ Nancy Cannon Moseley
▪ Howard N. Moseley
▪ Ora Flaherty Moseley
▪ Willie Lee (Bill) Moseley
▪ Maye Annette Hall Moseley
▪ Lorette Moseley Williams
▪ John Steve Alexander
▪ Nancy Louise Gillespie
▪ Mary Mosley Lecornu
▪ George Edward Lecornu
▪ John A. Lecornu
▪ Rufus Morgan Lecornu
▪ Margie Brown Lecornu
▪ Lurline Lecornu
▪ Charlie E. Lecornu
▪ Janie Weber Lecornu
▪ Rose Pagh Lecornu
▪ Charles William Lecornu
▪ Van Buren Whittle
▪ Charles Ray Allen
▪ Jimmy Don Hardin

Page 7

▪ Joseph Roscoe McCord
▪ Odie B. Byars
▪ Hazel Bailey Morgan
▪ Daniel Durrell "Dee" Blue
▪ Clevie Mae Richards Blue
▪ Rex Robert Blue
▪ Russell "Blue" Blue
▪ Earl Richard Blue
▪ Lorene Martin Blue
▪ John Dee Blue, Sr.
▪ Paul Raymond Blue
▪ Daniel Brooks Blue
▪ Sarah Frances Blue Cox
▪ J.D. Cox
▪ Ezekiel Allen "Zeke" Enochs
▪ Kathryn Irby Bowling
▪ Edward H. Bowling
▪ Frank Lee Hill
▪ Barbara Sugg James
▪ Ruble Reece James
▪ William Ruble James
▪ Grace Gregg Hawkins
▪ Luther Marvin Murff
▪ Myrtle Bailey Murff
▪ Bessie Evans Daniels
▪ Felicia Ferrell Vanhorn
▪ Harry Rudolph Smith

Page 8

▪ Reverend James Sebron Mosley
▪ Reverend Carmon Savell
▪ Gwendolyn Johnson Savell
▪ Reverend Lawrence Fernando Haire
▪ Reverend Walter Finley Evans
▪ Reverend A.M. Gammill
▪ Reverend J. F. Hartley
▪ Mabel Burke Hartley
▪ Reverend James Leo Bailey
▪ Reverend William Elmer Blaylock
▪ Lethal Albert Ellis
▪ Dr. Barry Ford Box
▪ Jackson Percy Burt
▪ Charles B. Sisler
▪ Estelle Gaines Sisler
▪ Flora Pauline Evans
▪ Smith William Wilson
▪ William Emerson Tedder, Sr.
▪ Mary Annie Smith Bailey
▪ Lucy James Gillespie
▪ John Austin Martin
▪ Lee Sanderson
▪ Lou Stevenson Sanderson
▪ Jasper Grady Inman
▪ Prince Edmond Blue
▪ Hollie J. Embry
▪ Elder Ronald Ray Cockrell

Page 9

▪ Leroy Victor Inman
▪ Jasper Owen Inman
▪ Alma Rish Inman
▪ Eliand Norman Inmon
▪ Lucile Inmon Morgan
▪ Lillie Pearl Dendy Inmon
▪ Jack Rish Inmon
▪ Robbie Mae Funderburke Inmon
▪ Children of R.L. & Zilla Alma Inmon
▪ Virginia Hollingsworth Morgan
▪ Howard Wilson Morgan
▪ Hiram Wilton Griffin
▪ Peggy Inmon Griffin
▪ Lois Wynette Bailey Inmon
▪ William Boyd Parker
▪ Samuel Lee Parker
▪ Oleta Ara Parker
▪ Jesse Lee Alexander
▪ Reggie Wimberly Alexander
▪ Lula Parker Rhodes
▪ Clarence Eugene Hicks
▪ William Basco Winter
▪ Martha Mary Gordon Hodge (Mrs. J.S.W. Hodge)
▪ John S.W. Hodge

Page 10

▪ Carl Martin Richardson
(Includes link to his recording)

Page 11

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Page 13

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