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McCord Intro
Dear Members and Friends of the Church:

Coming to Vardaman United Methodist Church in June 1991, has been a rewarding experience for Ann and me. Having been born and raised in Calhoun County, I was elated when the Bishop and cabinet appointed us to this charge. The people have been as warm and friendly as I remembered them to be when I moved from Calhoun County some twenty-eight years ago.

I feel that Christ and the Church are alive and well on the Vardaman Charge. The support I have witnessed from people within our churches indicates a love for Christ and His people. During these past few months, we have shared many happy and uplifing experiences as well as some moments of sadness. Times of sickness and death remind us that each sky must have enough clouds to make us appreciate the sunshine. Christian maturity is happening in the lives of people on this Charge. The churches are moving ahead in growth and Christian commitment. We are grateful to God for this.

A pictorial directory is important for our congregations. This directory was prepared to help preserve memories and will be used as a tool in ministry. Our thanks to each person who made the directory possible. We hope that the care that has been used in producing the directory has prevented errors. If errors have been made we hope you know they were unintentional.

May God bless each of you.

Grace and Peace to You,

Billy Q. McCord, Pastor

▪ 1992 Directory Listing
▪ 1992 Directory Photos Page 1
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