Vardaman History Project - Web Site Links
The following is an incomplete listing of links to web sites which generally contain information about one family or family line with close connections to the greater Vardaman area.

The last two links, however, are not family-specific but have very useful historical information.

If you have such a family web site, or if you run across one that would properly fit in this category, please email me ( and give me the address so that I can add it here.

Family-specific web sites:

▪ The Murphree Genealogical Association
▪ The Gillespie Family of Mississippi
▪ National Blue Family Association
       (Scottish Branch)

Calhoun County sites with useful Vardaman area information:

▪ Calhoun County Historical Information
▪ 1860 & 1870 Calhoun County US Census
       Transcriptions by Michael Caviness

Please email me ( if you find any of these links broken.

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